Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

[Last updated December 20, 2012]

 SearchYa understands you want to keep your information private, and that you value our emphasis on keeping your information safe and discrete. As a result we have drafted the following privacy policy (the "Privacy Policy") to inform you of the ways in which we gather and use information relating to you and your use of our Software and/or Services.

This Privacy Policy is designed to help you decide whether to use our Software and/or Service and in what manner. If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, you may not and should not use our Software and Services.

The definitions in the Terms of Service apply to this Policy unless stated otherwise.

In order to protect your privacy and make sure you understand exactly what information is stored about you, SearchYa has set up this Privacy Policy.

  1. What Personal Information Does SearchYa Store? SearchYa retains a unique identifier that is created by using some of your system's variables, such as Hard Driver serial number and other hardware information. This unique identifier is the sole identifiable information retained about you. It is retained so that SearchYa can audit and track installations, statistically analyze usage, audit its affiliates and calculate payments to 3rd parties based on such installations.

  2. What Non-Personal Information Does SearchYa Store? SearchYa retains some non-personally identifiable information, such as your approximate geo-location, IP address, browser types, installation date, changes made in your system, time zone, operating system, whether you installed the software with administrative privileges, your default search providers, browser language, operating system language, whether the system is 32bit or 64bit and other information relating to your use of the Software and Services in order to provide you with better services.

  3. Are Cookies Used? When you use the Software and/or Services, Searchya may store a cookie on your computer to identify you. This cookie shall be stored until you delete it from your computer. Furthermore, you are advised that 3rd party services, including price comparison and behavioral advertising services, may use cookies they may store in your computer to optimize your service and offerings. These 3rd party cookies are not stored or managed by Searchya and follow the privacy policy of these 3rd parties. You may choose in your browser setting not to accept cookies from these 3rd parties or to disable their service and to delete these cookies.

  4. How is the Information Processed? SearchYa processes non-personal information and creates statistical and profiling information in order to allow better service and monitor use of the Software and Service. Moreover, whenever you perform a search through the SearchYa services, your Unique ID is sent, in an encrypted form, to SearchYa's servers for audit and financial calculations with SearchYa's affiliates and partners.

  5. Who has access to the information? Apart from SearchYa's employees and contractors, who are under strict confidentiality and data-protection obligations, no other 3rd party shall have access to your personal information. Some of SearchYa's affiliates and partners have access to this statistical information. We take efforts to secure your information and to follow information security guidelines and procedure, however we cannot 100% guarantee against malicious activity with regard to such data.

  6. 3rd Party Advertisements: the Software and/or Services may have 3rd party services implemented inside them for displaying advertisements and for providing with analytical services. Such 3rd party services, such as Google Adwords may have their own privacy policies and we advise you to read them carefully.

  7. Can I review or remove the Information? As SearchYa does not retain any personal identifiable information, you cannot review or remove any information.

  8. What to do if you feel unsecure about your privacy? If you feel that your privacy was treated not in accordance with SearchYa's privacy Policy, please contact SearchYa directly at and SearchYa's privacy officer shall investigate promptly.

  9. Changes to this Privacy Policy: This Policy may be revised from time to time at our sole discretion. The last revision will be reflected in the "Last modified by" heading.

  10. Change of Ownership: In the event of a change of ownership or control of all or part of SearchYa, including without limitation through acquisition, merger or sale, we reserve the right to sell all or part of the personal information we store in our systems.

You acknowledge that in the event of bankruptcy, insolvency or receivership, we may have no control over the use and transfer of your personal information.